the Agriturismo

Agritur Pisani: Total relaxation at the Foot of the Dolomites

The Agritur Pisani, located in Brez in Trentino’s Val di Non, has recently undergone a total renovation transforming it from a family-run farm into a family-run bed and breakfast.

The Agriturismo has 5 rooms that have been completely renovated in classic mountain style, some accommodating up to 6 guests. In addition, two of the rooms have been renovated to accommodate guests with disabilities or limited mobility. Warm wood interiors, a quaint breakfast room, sauna, and a garden with play equipment for the little ones truly make Agritur Pisani feel like a home away from home.

Services of the Agriturismo include









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Prices include breakfast.

To add an additional single bed to any room, add € 20,00 per night which includes breakfast.

During low season, any of the rooms can be booked for just 2 guests, based on availability.

Renew your body and soul thanks to our sauna

Near your room, guests will have a Hydrosoft sauna available for true and natural well-being, unique in the world. Our brand new sauna works in unison with your body by immersing you in a pleasant tropical climate with a temperature similar to that of the body and combined with soft steam. You can stay in the cabin for as long as you like and it’s a cure-all for everyone: children, the elderly, and athletes. Every day is a good day for a nice sauna, especially before breakfast to recharge your batteries or before going to bed for a deeper sleep. For a great detox, you can even enjoy a sauna bath before or after meals up to twice a day.

Within just 15 minutes, your body will already begin reaping the benefits:

  • provides total relaxation in winter and summer, in maximum privacy and intimacy
  • regenerates after a long workday or strenuous activity
  • is an effective post-sun exposure treatment
  • anti-aging effect thanks to deep hydration, making the skin more elastic and luminous
  • purification and detoxification by expelling toxins, chemicals, and lactic acid
  • lubricates the joints and resolves muscle contractures, relieves neck and back pain
  • it thins the blood and elasticizes veins and arteries, reducing the strain on the heart
  • moisturizes the eyes and respiratory tract, strengthens your immune system against bacteria and viruses


The Corazza family has been breeding cattle since the 90s and for the past 20 years, has also begun growing cherries and apricots. Guests will be able to sample homemade jams and desserts at the delicious breakfast included with every stay.


A private parking area completes this extremely convenient location. The surrounding courtyard is perfect for relaxing and taking a horseback ride. Guests can also rent electric bikes and enjoy the crisp air and beautiful natural surroundings.

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